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Confetti Coaster - Violet

10.000 KD

Introducing Sebastian Sochan's captivating Summertime Confetti Coasters, designed to evoke the essence of the seaside and the joy of gathering with loved ones. Crafted with the intention of bringing playfulness to any setting, these coasters are a delightful companion for all your adventures. Embracing the spirit of summer celebrations, we named them Confetti Coasters, as they exude the lively charm of funky shapes and whimsical squiggly lines, reminiscent of confetti. Immerse yourself in these vibrant and playful islands of color and let your imagination soar.

Sochan's collection offers four distinct coasters available in two different materials. Whether you prefer to purchase them individually or combine them to create your own confetti canon, these coasters stand beautifully in any environment. Additionally, they can serve as eye-catching placemats for your cherished objects or even function as mini wall art pieces.

Each coaster features meticulously engraved squiggles that have been painted and sealed. To ensure their longevity, we recommend washing them lightly, avoiding scrubbing, or using a dishwasher. Please refrain from using harsh chemicals, as they may damage the plastic material, particularly the frosty blue acrylic variant.

For added convenience and protection, these coasters come with optional small self-adhesive protectors.

Measurements: 12.5 x 10 cm - 5mm thick