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Big Hugging Tray - Sky Blue

20.000 KD

Introducing Sebastian Sochan's hugging tray collection, featuring a unique design inspired by the signature detail of his pieces fitting seamlessly together, creating a captivating centerpiece. This collection showcases two abstract wiggly shapes that elegantly combine to form a visually striking stacked layered sculpture. You have the freedom to select your favorite color combination and bring your pastel hug dreams to life.

Whether you prefer individual trays or wish to combine them for a hugging pair, these trays offer versatility and charm. The opaque colors boast a solid and adorable chunky aesthetic, while the see-through shades have the ability to reflect and project colorful light onto your walls and tables when touched by sunshine.

Unleash your creativity and embrace a playful approach by mixing and matching your chosen shades to create a soft and pleasing hug that is uniquely yours. These trays effortlessly complement various items such as jewelry, accessories, keys, candles, perfumes, stationery, and more, providing a stylish storage solution.

Each tray is meticulously handmade in his studio using high-quality resin and pigments, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship. To maintain their beauty, please refrain from using harsh chemicals and simply wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth.

Measurements: 20 x 26 x 1.5 cm